A Month In The Life: January 2013

As part of my New Years resolutions I wanted to keep a better track of the little things and celebrate even the smallest milestone and luckily I’ve found an app to help me!

PicCal lets you take and store a picture for each day of the year so you can keep a visual record of things that happened.

I will confess I was a tiny bit daunted by the idea of finding a single image to represent each day and wondered if I would even remember to take one. I needn’t have worried, I take a lot of pictures, of all kinds of things that go on during the day, from cups of coffee to amazing nights out and everything in between. Picking the one that really represented the day was fun, although some days recently have consisted of me sat at my computer and not much else (busy, busy, busy) so finding something that made each day unique was pretty tricky!

So what have  I been up to? Highlights of January include:


If you are a designer, maker, photographer, crazy creative person and you’d like to share a month in your life on the blog, I’d love to feature you and your work.
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