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Those of you that follow me on social media might know that I’ve been working on an alphabet project, a big, crazy ambitious alphabet project!

The idea of using the alphabet as a starting point came from the group of alumni from Lilla Roger’s Make Art That Sells course – we wanted to keep the buzz and energy going from the course and give ourselves a framework to keep creating and sharing. I started with a very simple A is for Astronaut. He was OK. He looked happy to be floating in space and I even added some alien space ships but it wasn’t right, it wasn’t fun enough, colorful enough, engaging enough. So I sat down and made a big list for each letter of the alphabet and gradually the idea of creating a full blown scene for each one started to emerge, so I would think of each letter as a spread in a picture book and create a little world.

The look and feel was inspired in no small part by my entry for the Global Talent Search that featured a playground scene (no prizes for guess what P is for), so I took some of the styling from that and started on B for Beach! As I was designing and illustrating and creating I found lots of thing that also began with B that I could include, from bars and B&Bs to beach buggies and bonfires! Since then I’ve completed A is for Airport and C is for Castle and I’ll gradually working my way through the alphabet, though oddly E, K and X are proving difficult to think of scenes or locations for – any ideas gratefully received!







Stay turned to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to see the other letters as they are completed!


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