‘launching’ my new project

Today I am pleased to announce the new product range that I’ve been working on – Space Shuttles!.


The, so far unreported, resumption of the Space Shuttle programme is being celebrated by commissioning designers and illustrators to create artworks that will be blasted into space. “We want to send the finest examples of Human creativity into the cosmos – colouring in the infinite blackness of space if you will” said the head of the newly reformed Space Shuttle project.

The inspiration for my design was 1950s sci-fi B-movies. I love the spirit of adventure and optimism in these films and they look so stylish, they have coloured space suits and awesome technology. Find out more about my love of old Sci-fi here

The next phase of this project involves creating designs that will adorn both the Space Station and the planned moon base and I’m excited to start work on both of those!



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