Malt Barn Studio Brand and Illustrations

I recently completed a branding project for Julia Cartwright from Malt Barn Studio. Julia has many string to her bow including psychologist, coach, painter and homemaker and she created her new business to combine them all into one creative home. Based in Somerset she wanted a brand that reflected the spiritual landscape she works in but with a modern feeling.


The logo combines a runic symbol and the natural shape of a leaf to re-enforce the messages of countryside and spirituality while the fresh colourway and sans serif keeps the brand feeling modern.

As her business is brand new there were very few photographs to use so we decided on a  more illustrative approach and created a carrying image based on the Malt Barn itself and setting it firmly in the Somerset landscape.

I also designed a web holding page and created a brand guideline book for Julia so she has the flexibility to create some items herself while knowing the brand stays looking cohesive.

If you run or are starting your own small business adventure and would like some help with branding and design for print and/or web then drop me a line!



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