Month In The Life: Taylored Curiosities

Today Penny Taylor from Taylored Curiosities kicks off my Month In The Life series for May. Penny has kept a visual diary showing and sharing her creative life throughout May.

Penny is an artist who creates gorgeous little creatures. I love how she describers herself on her website; ” I draw, I sew, I create strange creatures that live in odd worlds, people often question my sanity… I like to look up as I walk past trees, to see if I’m missing anything. I like to smell old books and my very old typewriter and imagine the memories. I like to walk down roads I’ve never been down before to see where they lead. Life is about adventure.”

Smart cookie this one!

Find out more about Penny on her website and her shop and connect on facebook,  twitter, instagram and pinterest

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Over to you Penny, tell us how May went for you:

“This month for me has been a whirlwind.  Between new releases for my online store, 5 exhibition pieces for 2 different galleries in America and starting a new job around being self employed as an artist, it has flown by and I haven’t really known whether I was coming or going.  It’s also been a lot of fun though. 

My exhibition pieces are some of my favourite so far and getting to use all of my different mediums is really refreshing.  I have been dabbling with needle felting this month, which is showing already in my work and I am loving every second of it.  I will continue to expand on my Morrow creations.  I have a custom Dude for Dudebox which is slowly being turned into a Morrow tree house and I will be sharing finished photos of on my website over the coming month 

It’s been really good fun taking part in this blog feature too, as it’s meant I’ve actually recorded my month, my work and all the other things I’ve done and been able to appreciate them more then when they flash by and before you know it the month has gone.  So thank you Sam for asking me to be a part of this and helping me enjoy my May!” 


May 3rd:  After days of rain and gloom, we finally saw some summer sun and Alfred celebrated with a run around the garden.

May 5th: Whilst enjoying a small family BBQ, we discovered a blackbird nest and I managed to get a quick, secret snap.

May 14th: Wired and Wired Sets.  After lots of requests for Wired to make it back into my shop, I found time to sew and now I am feeling very relaxed from all the chamomile. 

May 19th: I have been working on some more Morrow releases after the Forest Jars.  I finished this tiny, tranquil garden.

May 20th: Alongside my own work for my online shop, I have been working on some exhibition pieces.  I finished my piece for the Dream in Plastic show, incorporating the Morrow and my new needle felting work into it.

May 22nd: I have been working on creating plush versions of my Morrow creatures using stained, vintage fabrics.  This was a progress shot of those.

May 23rd: I started a new human job to fit around my art and bring in a little extra money (the dream is to save to eventually buy a home) and saw this beautiful rainbow on my way there.  A result of the crazy weather we’ve been having!

May 29th: Finally another sunny day and a day off for me after working a 6 day shift (from the day I started my new job). We had a mini BBQ in the garden with some good food and sangria (one of my favourite tipples).

May 3oth: Working on a new Morrow release; this time in stunning shades of yellow and purple.  This was a progress shot I shared online.

Thanks so much to Penny for joining in with the Month In The Life series it’s been a real learning curve getting to know you and your work and I love what you do!

Find out more about Penny on her website and her shop and connect on facebook,  twitterinstagram and pinterest

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If you are a creative person, whether you draw, shoot, write or make, and you’d like to share a month in your life with my blog readers then I’d love to feature you and your work. Just leave a comment below or drop me an email >here< and I’ll get back to you with full details of how to take part.


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