Month In The Life: Jennifer Orkin Lewis

The next September artist for my Month In The Life series is Jennifer Orkin Lewis, she tells us about her creative days this month!

Jennifer is a freelance illustrator based in a little village outside of New York City who creates gorgeous painterly illustrations and lettering. She’s loved drawing and painting for as long as she can remember and is thrilled to get to do it every day! Jennifer has illustrated for Harper Collins, Up with Paper, Calypso Cards, The Perfect Score Project and more. She was previously a textile stylist designing prints for children’s clothing and lingerie and she is also a fellow classmate of mine from Lilla Roger’s Make Art That Sells Course!

Find out more about Jennifer on her beautiful website and  keep  in touch via facebook and twitter

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Over to you Jennifer, tell us how September went for you:

I started Mati Rose’s painting class, Daring adventures in Paint and Life which is so much fun and really helpful for moving forward with painting. I spent a lot of time working on some illustration jobs. After 16 years in my house, we finally started out kitchen renovation! We have a houseguest this month, the mosaic artist Baily Cypress, who is putting in a mural at my brothers new NYC restaurant, Ivan Ramen. I’m lucky to have her and I helped mosaic one day. I’m getting used to being and empty nester again, my son left for sophomore year in college in late August.



Day 3. I took Mati Rose’s class, Daring Adventures in Paint and Life this month. I painted a lot and really explored and learned new techniques. I did lots of abstracts but also portraits and florals.
Day 5. This is in the powder room of my aunts apartment. I was loving the pattern on pattern here.
Day 6. I was observing Red around NYC. The big feathery hat is at my bookclub at The Hat Shop in Soho.We have met for 21 years and it’s still going strong.
Day 10. Layering up backgrounds for my paintings. I’m just experimenting and playing with colors and textures.
Day 18. My friend Baily is a mosaic artist and she is putting in an amazing mural at my brothers new upcoming restaurant on the Lower East Side on NY, Ivan Ramen. I spent time helping her today. It’s like putting together a puzzle.
Day 19. Big Day.. Our kitchen renovation is starting and my 30 year old stove which I love is going out for refurbishing. On the downside I don’t have a kitchen for a while…
Day 20. The apples on my tree are ripe and ready to be picked and eaten!
Day 24. Kitchen stripped down to the studs. This is great since the house is 100 years old and the kitchen walls were so bumpy and grimy. I’m glad to see them go.
Day 29. Started collaging and painting in Mati’s class. I love drawing flowers so I’ve been working on a series.


Thanks so much to Jennifer for joining in with the Month In The Life series, I am a big fan of your illustrations and paintings and love the sneak peek at the beautiful work your are creating on Mati’s course!

Find out more about Jennifer on her website,  keep  in touch via facebook and twitter

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  1. linda October 15, 2013 at 9:06 pm #

    beautiful work – lovely to hear that Jennifer is taking courses on painting and continuing her learning!

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