Month In The Life: Linda Tieu

We start a busy September in the Month In The Life series with illustrator Linda Tieu.

Linda Tieu is a designer and illustrator currently living in the Tuscan Hills of Italy. Originally a valley girl from Southern California, USA – Linda is a big mix of experiences and points of view. She loves doodling and  does freelance design for clients to pay the bills while working on her personal artistic ambitions by night. She is also a fellow classmate of mine from Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells course.

Find out more about Linda on her website, and keep  in touch via her blog

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Over to you Linda, show us how September went for you:




1st – Lots of laundry… it seems like a neverending task. I most dislike doing housework but got to do it anyway!!

2nd – Most of my free time is filled with doodling at this point. With everything else going on I am more often able to doodle

3rd – My current ‘day job’ is designing for a lot of clients, so it can be a lonely work-at-home type a situation… routine… routine

7th – When I get the chance to go out I take lots of photos…everything can be inspiring and spark a project idea!

18th – I draw a lot, so go through journals fairly quickly. I make my own leather journals so I can doodle as much as I want!

21st – This month I revamped my art blog a bit, cleaning it up and simplifying basically!

23rd – I started a blog parade with some classmates in Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells class and loved it…will be continuing every month

27th – I try to get some non-digital creative time by trying my hand at painting. I’m a novice but it’s fun to splatter it all around and play!

30th – Otherwise my process is doodling my ideas and getting them into the computer for digital colouring! Here’s a new little birdie illustration!


Thanks so much to Linda for joining in with the Month In The Life series, I love your illustrations and really enjoyed taking Lilla’s class with you!

Find out more about Linda on her website, and keep  in touch via her blog. If you enjoyed Linda’s story of her September then you can read all the Month In The Life posts featuring loads of other artists, designers and makers > here <

If you are a creative person, whether you draw, shoot, write or make, and you’d like to share a month in your life with my blog readers then I’d love to feature you and your work. Just leave a comment below or drop me an email >here< and I’ll get back to you with full details of how to take part.

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  1. linda October 2, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

    Thanks so much for the feature!


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