Month In The Life: Nela Dunato

We’ve reached October in my Month In The Life series and today we talk to Nela Dunato about her creative month.

Nela Dunato is a mixed-media artist, freelance illustrator and a graphic designer from Croatia. When she’s not drawing or designing, she loves to create handmade jewelry and masks, write her blog, ebooks and tutorials, teach creative workshops for kids & adults, and organise events and festivals.

See more of her work on her website. You can also follow her work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Over to you Nela, tell us how October went for you:

“October is a very busy month every year because I’m helping organizing a Sci-Fi & fantasy convention Rikon, so weeks leading to the second weekend of October are super-hectic and sometimes stressful. Beside my regular work, I took part in an exhibition at the event so there was also a lot of frantic painting! On top of it all, October is when I celebrate my birthday. This month proved to be my most productive month of the year, despite having even less free time than usual. I hope I’ll keep this momentum going and continue to paint and attract more opportunities for exhibiting my artwork.”


Day 1: I finished a personal digital illustration of my character, “Azrael”

Day 3: Working on the flyer design for sci-fi and fantasy convention Rikon, for which I’ve also done the illustration for.

Day 5: Making chocolate beer cupcakes for my birthday tea party! Around 10 friends came over to my new apartment to celebrate, and it was quite nice to have a break one day.

Day 11: Convention opening! I took part in the art exhibition with 5 of my fantasy works, 2 digital and 3 traditional paintings.

Day 12: I was invited to appear on Croatian national television for a brief presentation of our convention. The presented insisted I wear a costume, so I quickly pulled together the character Death from Neil Gaiman’s comic “The Sandman”.

Day 16: My new shiny business cards arrived from the printer! The first batch was faulty so I called them and they made me new ones for free.

Day 18: Tonight I was at the opening of the Toy Museum in Rijeka. I met many of my friends there, and it was so much fun looking at all the toys and remembering playing with when we were kids.

Day 19: Today I finished the acrylic painting “Daughter of the Forest”. I exhibited it a week ago at the convention, but it needed some more polishing. The frame is handmade of newspaper and air-dry clay.

Day 31: I’ve made a lot of progress on my new surreal acrylic painting “Crucify II”, but it still needs some work on the background. I began painting this 3 years ago, and then left it alone until I was ready to continue. It’s one of the works I intend to exhibit on my upcoming solo show in the beginning of 2014, but there’s a lot of paintings I need to finish by then so wish me luck!

Find out more about Nela on her website and follow her work on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Thanks so much to Nela for joining in with the Month In The Life series and sharing an insight into your fantastic creative process! Good luck with your upcoming exhibition! If you enjoyed Nela’s story of her September then you can read all the Month In The Life posts featuring loads of other artists, designers and makers > here <

If you are a creative person, whether you draw, shoot, write or make, and you’d like to share a month in your life with my blog readers then I’d love to feature you and your work. Just leave a comment below or drop me an email >here< and I’ll get back to you with full details of how to take part.

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  1. Frankie November 6, 2013 at 5:37 pm #

    Hi Sam,
    I’d love to feature on your month in the life because it’s such a lovely idea!
    Frankie x

  2. SamOssie November 7, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

    Hi Frankie – I’ll drop you an email with all the details 🙂

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