My 100 day illustration project – A Pack of Cards in 100 Days

This year for #the100dayproject I wanted to find something that would mean I ended up with a complete series of cohesive illustrations and after giving it some serious though the idea of a pack of cards struck me.

The 100 day project pack of cards in 100 days Sam Osborne

So between April 3rd and July 11th this year I will be designing a pack of 52 standard cards plus jokers and patterned backs. It would be a daily challenge as I’ve got a very busy few months coming up but the time limit of the 100 days will keep me on track!

I’ve divided the suits up into colours and themes so:

Hearts are spring and the designs in this suit will feature flowers, animals and spring festivals

Spades are summer which will feature ice creams, petals, beaches and sunshine

Clubs represent autumn with berries, owls, harvest vegetables and woodlands

Diamonds are winter with wolves, ice, holly and frost

The pips cards (that’s numbers cards, as opposed to picture cards – everyday is a school day!) will have large numbers, patterns and simple illustrations all within the theme of the suit.

I’m super excited about this years project and I hope you are as well. You can follow along on Instagram using the hashtag #samspackofcards and I’ll be posting progress at regular intervals both on the blog here and on my Behance portfolio.

Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you think of the project so far!


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