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Subscribe to my Patreon to get amazing monthly rewards including free products, exclusive artwork, voting rights on some of my work and even bespoke one-of-a-kind artwork made just for you. Subscriptions start at just $1, choose the level that is right for you.

Follower Level

Just $1 per month

You will get:
  • My undying gratitude
  • Access to my Patron only feed
  • Monthly desktop wallpaper for computer, tablets & phones
  • Exclusive digital gifts through the year e.g Easter colouring sheets, printable Christmas decorations

Supporter Level

$10 per month

You will get:

All the rewards for Follower plus:

  • A high resolution PDF print per month
  • Exclusive work in progress videos
  • Access to Patreon only prints & products on my website (coming soon)
  • Entry into monthly raffle of a Patreon exclusive print once that monthly goal has been achieved
  • Voting rights to decide which illustrations make it onto products

Fan Level

$20 per month

You will get:

All the rewards for Supporter plus:

  • 15% discount code for my Etsy shop
  • Ability to suggest illustration topics
  • Yearly wall planner posted to you each January
  • Work in progress updates on my goals e.g calendars, books and product ranges
  • Selected products sent to you once goal targets have been reached e.g. calendars
  • Thank you credit on my website

VIP Level

$100 per month

You will get:

All the rewards from Fan plus:

  • Illustration commissioned by you
  • Custom illustration of you
  • Ability to feedback on work in progress
  • All completed products sent to you once goal targets have been met e.g. mugs, books and calendars
  • Thank you credit on my website and, where possible, on my products (e.g. on books but probably not on mugs)

What's all this about?

My day to day work involves commissions for brands, magazines and design agencies but I also love to create my own artwork for wall art, picture books and a growing range of products.

However, It is difficult to invest the time and energy into creating these new illustrations and products while balancing the need to take on client work to ensure my business survives. I have a huge list of products that I’ve wanted to create from my illustrations for a long time but the day to day pressure of making ends meet means that many are yet to see the light of day. That’s where Patreon comes in.

About Patreon
Patreon allows you to actively support me and my creativity. Your pledge means I can take on a bit less client work and get these awesome products out into the world, while rewarding anyone kind enough to help me along the way.

  • You get amazing rewards including monthly desktop wallpapers, exclusive behind the scenes photos and videos, work in progress updates and a selection of products sent to you.
  • I get a community of patrons that encourage me, keep me motivated and enable me to devote more of my time to creating awesome products like books, limited edition prints, tea towels, mugs, calendars and more.

I’ve broken my ongoing Patreon project down into two main areas; Illustration projects, where I create a bank of artwork and product goals that we can work together to hit.

Illustration projects
I am currently working on three illustration series – birds, food and flowers. A series consists of at least 12 illustrations on the same theme, I will post regular updates about my projects showing you how they are developing. Patrons that are Fan level and above can suggest topics and themes for future projects.

Product goals
I have a selection of goals to turn my projects into products once certain funding targets have been met. On the list at the moment is an e-book, a hard back children’s picture book, calendars, mugs, limited edition prints, placemats and coasters. As a Supporter level Patron and above you can vote on which illustration used for each product and VIP patrons will get work in progress updates and the ability to help shape and decide that final look of each product.

Alternatively you can sign up for my email newsletter each month that has a limited selection of artwork and a desktop wallpaper

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