The First 100 #365Patterns

In February I began the #365Pattern challenge started by the lovely ladies from Caravan Shoppe and as of last Sunday I have completed 100 patterns!

I felt that this achievement needed marking in some way so I’ve put together a lookbook featuring all 100 #365Patterns. You can view it in a book format, download a pdf or watch it unfold as a little movie, the choice is yours, but they are all 48 page worlds of colour and pattern!

Seeing all the patterns together like this has shown me how I’ve developed my style and technique over the last five months and looking back on the challenge I’ve loved the freedom to experiment and play with colour, texture and themes. Which is why this is only the first 100 – I am looking forward to seeing what the next 100 brings.


To stay up to date with my #365Patterns challenge follow me on twitter and instagram to see each design as it’s posted!



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