2021 Wall Planners

It seems to have taken ages to come round but we’re nearly in 2021 which means I’ve launched my new range of 2021 wall planners!

There are new designs and old favourites that have had a 2021 facelift. I figure we could all do with some brightness so I’ve ramped up the colour for my 2021 wall planners and added some positive messages to try and make 2021 a heap load better than 2020! I’ve also gone all digital this year. Take a look at some of the range below.

2021 Wall Planner Illustrated City Design
2021 Green Floral Planner
2021 wall planner good vibes
2021 wall planner red blooms
2021 wall planner it will probably be OK
2021 wall planner best year yet
2021 wall planner floral grid
2021 wall planner rainbow design

Why only printables this year?

Every year since 2013 when I first launched my wall planners I’ve printed and shipped physical copies alongside my printable range. 2021 is the first time I’ve launched with only printable products. Why is this year different? Well for a number of reasons:

Firstly is obviously Covid-19. It’s currently much harder to get hold of all the shipping supplies I need, including tubes and tape. I’m also concerned about my ability to post items out if lockdowns are tightened, I have to isolate or I get sick. Moving to printables only felt like the best way to mitigate those risks.

Secondly is a desire to be more eco-friendly. Every year I post out each individual order and send them around the world using carbon as they travel. Sending digital files that customers can print locally to them reduces the distance the planners travel and so reduces carbon emissions. My file sizes are small so the power required to store and transmit them is negligible.

I also print hundreds of copies of my wall planner designs and, no matter how well I work out my projected sales, there is always some leftover by the end of the year. I dislike having to throw copies away and selling printables eliminates this waste as customers only print those that they need.

Where to print your digital files?

Where you print your files will obviously vary depending on where you are in the world, but here are few suggestions.

• At home: If you are lucky enough to have a printer at home then you could tile the design over a few sheets and stick them together.

• A local printers: Most towns and cities will have good local printers who will help you out. Try an online search for local printers and give a few a call.

• Online printers: There are many online-only printers where you can fill in a series of options on their website and upload your files to them. In the UK printed.com and Mixam.co.uk are great. The PDF files are saved with a level of security that prevents copying and editing. This can cause issues with some printer’s systems. If this happens, don’t panic just get in touch with me and I’ll sort it out for you.

• Large format printers: Dedicated large-format printers are often the best value try searching “large format printing” or  “A2 printing” to find some near you.

Get the best results

  • My planners are set up to A2 but can be reduced to A3 or enlarged to A1 quite happily
  • Print on uncoated paper so you can write on the planner
  • If you are printing with a commercial the paper should be at least 150gsm.
  • If you are printing at home then use the thickest paper you can get through your machine, you may need to check your instruction manual for this information
  • For more advice about printing my files see my dedicated printables page
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