About Sam Osborne

UK based illustrator and graphic designer with a love of all things brightly-coloured.

I have over 15 years experience as an illustrator and graphic designer both working for myself and working for design and advertising agencies in the UK and across the world. I work across a range of disciplines and markets, including books and magazines, advertising, packaging, merchandise and products, brochures and websites.

I particularly enjoy working with ethical and socially-minded businesses and not for profit organisations. If you work hard to create a better world, educate people or improve life for others then I’d love to use my skills help you do that.

I also create and produce my own product range including cards, calendars and homewares and sell this online.

When I’m not designing I like to cook, get outdoors, potter in my garden, clock up the kilometres on my bike, visit an art gallery or go and see a gig – the louder and more guitary the better. I try to get to a couple of rugby matches and some motorsport during the year and love a pub quiz. In many ways I was born in the wrong era – I love and am influenced by, second-hand books, mid-century ceramics, colourful 1960s melamine and I often watch old sci-fi movies while I work, Destination Moon is one of my favourites, look it up, you’ll love it!



  • CAFOD World Gifts
  • The Children’s Society
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Save The Children
  • The Ethical Property Company
  • Global’s Make Some Noise
  • PSHE Association

Corporate and Commercial:

  • Adobe
  • Oxford University
  • The Design Museum
  • Classic FM
  • The Salters’ Institute
  • 3M Post It Notes
  • Period Box
  • EarthKind Haircare
  • Active Essex

Publishing and Editorial:

  • Penguin Random House
  • Oxford University Press
  • WI Life Magazine
  • Bulletin Magazine
  • Hayhouse Publishing
  • Look Local Magazines
  • Think Publishing

10 things you might not know about me

  • Looking at pointy objects gives me a headache
  • Dawdling, indecisive people drive me crazy
  • I played rugby at school and have the scars to prove it
  • I sing along to my music when I’m out running
  • My socks never match and are always brightly coloured
  • I rarely follow a recipe when I’m cooking
  • One day I will own 1955 gullwing Mercedes 300SL
  • When I go shopping I always forget something, even if I make a list!
  • I grind my teeth in my sleep
  • I could happily watch The Princess Bride every day for the rest of time

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Awemous Design and Marketing

Creative Director at Awemous.

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