Colourful commission to cheer you up when you most need it!

I’ve been working with the lovely Period Box recently on an art print gift to be included in their subscription box.

Period Box are a subscription service that bundles your choice of tampons and pads with hand-picked goodies and exquisite treats to cheer you up when you most need it.

I’m a big fan of subscription box services so was super excited to be working with Period Box. I love the idea of getting a box each month full of all the supplies I need (I can’t be the only one who is bad at keeping a stock of these things, can I?) plus food or beauty products and a design or art based gift. Could almost make you look forward to your period. Almost.

The inspiration for my design came from something I do when I need cheering up, I head for my favourite cafe with a good book and stuff my face with cake. Sometimes you really do need to disconnect and enjoy your own company. And cake! We’ve all been there right?

Period Box co-founder Magdalena Zywica said: ‘I truly love Sam’s design! The colours are amazing – I have it on my desk so I can look at it all the time’


If you’d like to subscribe to Period Box visit their website


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