Giving my home town’s brand new Women’s Institute a cool look

A group of friends are setting up a brand new WI in my home town, something I am very excited about. So when they asked me to create some graphics for the new group I was super pleased.

This will be group of young-ish women and be run as one of the WI’s new ‘urban’ institutes so the look needed to show that without forgetting the cake and craft that will still be a core element of the new group. I had great fun putting the illustration together, thinking of all the amazing things we could learn – from wine tasting to DIY (not at the same time though!)

Our first meeting is next week where we’ll choose our name (we’re thinking more Buns and Roses, than Jam and Jerusalem) so I’ll update all the elements with our new name after that…

If you’re local to Thame in Oxfordshire please come along, the more the merrier. If you’d like to join your local WI or set up one in your home town visit

New Thame WI First Meeting Flyer

New Thame WI Facebook Page


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