How to commission a custom illustration as the perfect gift

Buying gifts for people can be tricky, especially when you’re looking for something really personal and memorable. That’s where commissioning a custom illustration as a gift can save the day!

Just imagine how a friend or relative would feel when given a bespoke family portrait or an illustration of a much-loved home or pet. Whatever the illustration is of it will be held dear by the recipient and be treasured for a long time.

I create a whole range of custom illustrations that can be given as gifts and the process isn’t as complex or intimidating as it might seem. Customers come to me via my Etsy shop where I have over 10 types of custom illustrations available at a range of price points. The first step in the process is to decide what illustration you’d like, here is a selection of the custom illustrations that I offer:

Family Portrait
Perfect for new parents and grandparents or to celebrate a big birthday, anniversary or special Christmas.

Pet Portrait
A great gift for a new pet owner, a long-time pet lover or as a memory of a treasured friend.

Couples Portrait
Ideal as an engagement gift, or as a birthday or Christmas present for a partner.

Wedding Portrait
A very special wedding gift to be given on the day or as an anniversary or Christmas present during the years after the wedding.

House Illustration
A great housewarming gift or family Christmas gift as a memento of a special place.
I can also create illustrations of places of business, shops, wedding venues, holiday homes or any other venue that you’d like.

Business Portrait
Perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs to celebrate their achievements!

A combination of items
Combine people, pets and houses and even cars and caravans with a unique custom illustration package. Email me for more information

Once you’ve decided that and confirmed the size you’d like you can place your order via my Etsy shop (or via email if you’d like something outside the scope of the packages in my Etsy shop).

I’ll then confirm your order and request the items that I need from you – usually a selection of photographs of the people, pets or places and any guidance in terms of colours and things to include or exclude. As each image is all totally custom you are in control over what is in the image, so if you’d like me to add roses to the front of the house or ensure the people are wearing specific outfits then I am happy to do that.

Once I have all of that I can schedule the work into my studio. Standard turn around times to complete the image are about a week but that can increase from Mid October – Mid December so if you are after a Christmas gift then get in early!

Once I’ve created the illustration I’ll send you a low-resolution proof so that you can see what it will look like and make any changes that you’d like. Once you are happy I will then send you high-resolution artwork for you to print yourself or I’ll sort the printing for you and post your art print out to you.

I hope that has demystified the process for you. If you’d like to talk about a custom illustration then visit my Etsy shop or get in touch today


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