Inspiration – March Meet The Maker

During #marchmeetthemaker one of the prompts was Inspiration and it got me thinking about what really inspires, what moves me deep down, prompts me to pick up a pen, fire up the computer and create!

Sam Osborne Illustration Inspiration OnionDon’t be fooled by the illustration, I’m not specifically inspired by onions, although they are awesome, it’s more of a metaphor (bear with me…). Here is what I discovered:

The tricky thing about this prompt is that I find inspiration in so many things – nature, people, sport, art, books, films, conversations, travel, cooking and loads more besides – so I was thinking about what connects them all together. What’s the linking factor? After much middle of the night pondering I realised that it’s digging deep, pulling apart and pealing back the layers (like an onion see!).

I’ve always questioned and interrogated things, whether that’s reading and re-reading a magazine article to find a smart way to convey its meaning in a single illustration, intently studying the form of a flower for a drawing or discovering what makes a business’s heart beat for a branding project.

I am inspired by the journey of discovery, the noticing of new things, the slow reveal of truths and the ‘ah ha’ moment when I work out how it all clicks together…

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