Mural illustrations to celebrate awesome women


Earlier this year I completed a fantastic project with Wax Revolution in Mexico. Wax Revolution who are a chain of cool, modern, waxing salons. They work with a unique artist at each of their salon locations to create bright murals for the walls. The brief was to create six murals that celebrate the awesomeness of women (their main client base) and focus on inspiring stories and activities. Right up my street, I was (and still am) super excited about this project!


After some really good fun research about awesome women – there are loads of them, obviously! I created a series of 10-15 quick sketches showing a range of actives and accomplishments from fighter pilots to mountain climbers and rock stars. These were narrowed down to a final five that we all thought would work best at a large scale and fit best in the location and with Wax Revolutions clients. These were: Artist, Scientist/Doctor, Boxers, Arctic Explorer and a huge group of cyclists.

These were worked up to final mural designs full of fun and detail and all in bright bold colours!


As you can see they look awesome in situ in the Wax Revolution Satellite branch

I would love to know what you think. Which is your favourite? Are there any other examples of inspiring women you’d have chosen?


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