Sunlit Orchard Collection

Sam Osborne Sunlit Orchard Modern Home Decor Collection

I’ve been working on a new home collection inspired by an imaginary sunny afternoon in an apple orchard. The wind rustling the leaves, the fruit ripening on the branch, the birds and the bees filling the sky with noise and the scent of flowers wafting over you. The collection uses many materials – from metal and fabric to wood and even concrete and has a bright, summery colour scheme. Here are some more of the items from the collection:

Modern Wooden Mobile Fruit Flowers Sam Osborne Sunlit Orchard
Wooden children’s mobile

Modern Tripod Floor Lamp Sam Osborne Sunlit Orchard

Tripod floor lamp

Bugs and Fruit Glass Coasters and Tumblers Sam Osborne Sunlit Orchard

Glass coasters and tumblers

Modern Mantle Clock Design Sam Osborne Sunlit Orchard

Wooden mantle clock


All of the items from this collection are currently available for licensing so if you are interested in seeing the full collection or talking about licensing possibilities please get in touch.



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  1. Amy June 4, 2016 at 2:52 am #

    Oh My that is so sweet I love your designs sooo much! Your so talented.

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