Sam Osborne: Brightly-Coloured Design and Illustration Nerd 


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Whether you’re looking to license or commission design and illustration, after unique products to stock in your shop, or simply looking for the perfect gift for a design conscious friend then you are in the right place! My colourful designs and illustrations are used across the design and retail worlds and I have over ten years experience in the design industry working with and creating brands, print designs and commissioned illustrations. So browse my work, shop my shop and if you like what you see, then get in touch.

  • Snail-and-Rose-Tree
  • Space-Man
  • Playspace-Journal
  • Deny-Duvets
  • No-45-Hexagon-Weave
  • Deck-The-Halls-Cards
  • Orbit-Collection-Main
  • Festive-Yule
  • Off-To-Camp
  • Post-It-Notes2
  • Oxford-Map
  • No-112-Up-In-The-Blue

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