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I have created a number of portrait illustrations and character designs that have been used in marketing materials, educational materials, print and online magazines, podcast promotions and more…

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I love exploring human faces, whether capturing the subtle nuances of a real person in a portrait or inventing a captivating character from scratch. Bringing each person to life is a real joy, from detailed sketched pixel-based portraits of well-known faces to simple vector likenesses and sets of poses or emotions across multiple vector characters. I can also work with animators to bring these illustrations to life.

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About portrait illustration

I focus on bringing out the stories hidden in every face to life through my portrait illustrations and character designs; creating images that aren’t just eye-catching but also chime with your message or reflect your brand’s identity. It’s about noticing and capturing those small, yet telling details—a quirk of a smile or a thoughtful glance—that truly animate a portrait.

In the world of publishing, a well-executed portrait can enhance an article, tying the reader to the narrative with a strong visual, making the story more relatable and vivid.

My approach ensures that each portrait illustration not only fits the brief but also leaves a significant impression on the viewers. By adding layers to your storytelling and humanising your campaigns, the right portrait illustration can can provide a deeper connection to your message, brand or story.

With a keen eye for the small yet impactful details and a commitment to delivering quality, I provide portrait illustrations that exceed expectations, ensuring that every project has the visual power to engage and inspire.

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