World Gifts Charity Illustrations

A series of over 40 illustrations for overseas development charity CAFOD’S World Gifts. Working closely with the CAFOD team, I took their descriptions of each gift and bought them to life with uplifting colour and empowering storytelling.

Wonderful Worms Compost Charity Illustration
Charity Illustration Build A Greenhouse
Change Womens World Charity Illustration
Emergency Shelter Charity Illustration
Charity Illustration World Gifts Fabulous Football
Happy Pigs Charity Illustration
Save The Rainforest Charity Illustration
Charity Illustration World Gifts Lift Changing Loan

From the client

“I just wanted to share some news about a meeting we had with the team yesterday. They presented to us how well World Gifts have done, and it has been incredible! It has broken many records in many areas. They spelt out that this response can only be attributed to the illustrations and rebrand.”

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